Helping children grow and develop, so they can glow brightly in their future!


Free Consultation

We offer a free 20-minute consultation to talk about any needs or concerns you have regarding your child’s speech and language development and future goals.


A screening is a quick look at skills that helps determine whether or not a full evaluation is warranted.


A full evaluation will provide a comprehensive assessment of skills in many areas in order to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses.


Once your child’s needs have been determined, we will develop goals and provide speech and language therapy to help your child meet those goals.

Early Intervention

Early Intervention (EI) seeks to identify speech/language development delays early, and reduce or negate their effects with therapy from a family-centered approach.

Online Parent Coaching

Everyone needs a coach at some point in their lives. We give parents the strategies, tools and knowledge they can use at home to help further their child's success.

Connect to therapy from your laptop.


Therapy delivered via internet. Used daily by kids attending virtual academies, homeschoolers, and by others out of reach, with proven efficacy and satisfaction.

We work with virtual schools too!

Teletherapy for Virtual Schools

Therapy that works alongside your child's virtual academy structure. The therapist can incorporate school activities as part of their treatment.

1:1 Therapy
Parent & Therapist Collaboration
Parent Education & Support
Helping children grow and develop, so they can glow brightly in their future!