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Online Speech Therapy 


Glow Bright Therapy offers bilingual speech and language screenings, evaluations, and therapy for children of all ages!

Early Intervention  •  Late Talkers &  Emergent Language  •  Articulation Disorders
Childhood Apraxia of Speech  •   Expressive & Receptive Language Disorders  •  Social & Play Skills
Autism Spectrum Disorder  •  Developmental Delays and Disorders  •  Neurogenetic Disorders


Before starting therapy, we take time to learn about your child. We always interview parents first because we know that you are the experts on your child and we value your insight. We may also schedule an observation, review previous evaluation reports or IEPs, and complete a formal or informal assessment. This process allows us to learn about your child’s interests, strengths, and areas of need. Once the evaluation is complete, we will meet with you to develop an individualized therapy plan for your child. During the results meeting, we will:

  • Explain assessment scores

  • Develop meaningful goals

  • Ensure that our plan reflects your family’s values

  • Make clinical recommendations for the next step

  • Schedule therapy sessions if needed

Our Therapy Approach

At the core, our therapy approach is based on meaningful relationships and parental collaboration. We may be the experts in language and communication, but you are the experts on your child so we will listen and problem-solve together. Speech therapy sessions are tailored to your child's needs, and we will always prioritize goals that are important to your family. We will work with you to help your child’s communication skills grow so that they can connect, interact, and engage with the world around them. Speech therapy sessions may include:

  • Child-led and play-based activities 

  • Communication during daily routines

  • Reflective coaching for parents 

  • Interactive games and personally motivating activities 

  • Fun videos that focus on targeted goals

Emergent Language &
Parent Coaching

We use a parent coaching model to deliver services to our youngest clients and also offer dedicated parent coaching sessions. Therapy focuses on your family's daily routines, teaching you how to work with your child at home. We will follow your child's lead and coach you in implementing strategies to encourage new communication and play skills. Early intervention therapy will teach you how to:

  • Encourage spontaneous communication

  • Engage your child in meaningful interaction 

  • Support your child's participation (enjoyment) in the world around them

Autism Spectrum Disorder

We will establish a positive relationship with your child and then focus on building language and communication skills during engaging, child-led activities. Therapy will incorporate your child’s greatest interests and help them build upon their strengths to work on areas of need. We also provide strong parent support to help families navigate communication challenges, work on meaningful skills during daily routines and activities, and grow in connection. Together, we can help your child:

  • Communicate using words, gestures, signs, or visuals 

  • Understand and engage with the world around them 

  • Experience positive social interactions

Speech Sound Disorders

We embed speech sound practice into fun activities to help your child learn their target sounds. Evidence-based treatment methods are chosen based on how your child is producing sounds within a word and how their oral musculature is affecting their speech sound production. We also provide parent coaching and home activities for your child to make quicker progress with lasting accuracy! Speech therapy can help your child:

  • Speak clearly and use all age-appropriate sounds

  • Reduce frustration from breakdowns in understanding 

  • Confidently communicate with others

Receptive & Expressive Language Disorders

We can help your child understand and utilize language while respecting the cultural values of your family. Our sessions focus on enhancing vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension within engaging activities and teaching parents to apply language facilitation strategies at home. Therapy services are available in both English and Spanish, and we are proud to provide culturally-responsive therapy for bilingual families. Language therapy can help your child:

  • ​Understand when others communicate with them

  • Express themselves clearly in social and academic settings

  • Grow in both languages (if bilingual)

evauations &therapy

Why teletherapy is a great choice for your family...


With teletherapy, we give you the support and tools you need to know how to help your child at home.

From toddlers to teens, we provide engaging and effective therapy in the comfort and safety of home.

Generalization and carryover of learned skills are increased when a child learns in their natural (home) environment.

Finding a speech-language therapy provider isn’t always easy.  Waitlists and long drive times are frequent issues.

Teletherapy has been recognized and endorsed by ASHA, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, as an appropriate and effective delivery model for therapy services.

We provide access to bilingual therapists who are committed to delivering culturally responsive therapy to align with your family's values.

Late talker playing in speech therapy
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