What Is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy (or telepractice, online therapy) is an accessible, convenient, and effective way to deliver speech and language therapy services in your home. Teletherapy has been recognized and endorsed by ASHA, the American Speech Language Hearing Association, as an appropriate delivery model for therapy services. Using a computer with a webcam and internet, teletherapy provides an effective, fun, and engaging platform to meet your child’s needs, while also greatly increasing accessibility and convenience.

The of Teletherapy

Accessible & Convenient

Top Quality. Less Stress.

Decrease the time, money and resources spent traveling to and from therapy sessions - teletherapy is accessible anytime/anywhere.

Kid Friendly

In today’s world of technology, kids love to interact with online platforms. Utilizing technology in your child’s therapy services allows them to engage and interact with greater interest and motivation.

Secure & Private

Private Data Stays Private

Our teletherapy services are always provided through a secure and encrypted platform that follows FERPA and HIPAA compliance, so you never have to worry about security and privacy during therapy sessions.

Consistent. Reliable. Easy-To-Use.

Because teletherapy sessions occur online, therapy sessions aren't affected by bad weather, heavy traffic, or other family illness that may impact a child's therapy. And the online platform is easy to use for both parents and kids alike.

Effective Delivery Model

Research shows that teletherapy is just as effective as being on-site at a clinic or school. It has proven to be an effective delivery model that allows for progress and success in reaching goals in speech and language development.

The Process In

Step 2

We provide you with login information to schedule an assessment for your child to complete online.

(If an evaluation has been performed recently, we can use that instead to develop an individual therapy plan for your child.)
Step 3
Once the assessment is complete, we individualize your child's treatment plan and begin goal-focused therapy.
Step 4

With our treatment plan active, we meet online according to your child's needs, and start working towards reaching their goals!

During teletherapy sessions, parents can observe and gain the education and support needed to help carryover
learned skills and strategies.
Helping children grow and develop, so they can glow brightly in their future!