[parent coaching]

Everyone needs a coach at some point in their lives.

We give parents the strategies, tools, and knowledge to use at home to help further your child's development and success.

Designed To Promote Speech & Language Development

Parent coaching classes are designed to help parents learn useful strategies to use at home throughout their day to aid in promoting speech and language development.

Become Part of Your Child’s Intervention

Parents are a child’s greatest teacher, and having the knowledge of what strategies to use is key in learning how to best help your child at home. With online parent coaching, you become an integral part of your child’s intervention.

Classes Are Organized And Customized

Coaching classes are offered online, in blocks of 4-6 weeks, and are 30-45 minutes in duration. Each class is customized to meet your concerns and the needs of your child.

We customize various classes with evidence-based strategies:

Early speech and language development for babies and toddlers
Preschool speech and language development
Language strategies for school-age children
Strategies for speech sound development
Social Skills strategies for toddlers to teens
Helping children grow and develop, so they can glow brightly in their future!